Toll free Reviews is an unbiased websites with intentions on promoting Toll-free phone companies that provide fast, easy-to-use, high-quality 1-800 telephone service. To accomplish this task we had to do extensive research in the toll-free market. We interviewed each companies customer service departments, we scrutinized their websites, and we tried and tested their products.

The cream rises to the top - here are the top picks for Toll-Free 1(800) Telephone Service.

Top Recommended Companies 
Company Ratings   
Minute Rate     4 8 7 5 7 7 6 10
Monthly Fee Free $9.99 $2.00 $19.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99
1st Year Cost* $180 $708 $444 $324 $370 $299 $259 $891
Customer Rating
Ease of Use
New Jersey
San Diego

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Available Options
No Contract
You'll own your number
No Double-Leg Billing
Unlimited Calls at once
24/7 Customer Support
Fiber Optic Phone Lines
Works with Cellular
Easy Call Tracking

Billing Options
Credit Cards

*1st year Cost is based on an average usage of 500 minutes a month.
Tax, surcharges and maintainance fees may still apply.

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Toll Free Number Reviews - 800 Services Compared.

Summary of our findings
Of all the top Toll-Free companies that we reviewed, the ONLY company that guarantees that your toll-free phone number will belong to you is TollfreeNumber.ORG. All the other companies are Internet-based phone service providors, so they are just renting their toll-free numbers to you.

We found that it was much better to own your toll-free number from TollfreeNumber.ORG because you should always maintain control over the usage of your phone number. If you are just renting a phone number, then you take the possible risk of losing your phone number if you ever change your service around.

How Does Pricing Compare?
TollfreeNumber.ORG has the lowest per minute fees and the lowest monthly fee.

How Does Customer Service Compare?
We had quite a difficult time getting a hold of of some of the providers listed above. The ones that provided us with the most informed and friendliest service was Tollfreenumber.ORG, Kall8, and GotVmail in that order.

Unlimited Minute Plans
A couple companies advertised Unlimited Minutes for a flat monthly fee. We found that these plans were basically just gimmicks and were unable to actually use unlimited minutes. They'll cut you off if you start using over a certain threshold. The closest we could get to Unlimited Minutes was with the VirtualTelecenter, which we like because it includes a lot of free features.

We also reviewed the "BIG 3" companies: AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest.

AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest were pretty standard accross the board with per minute fees starting at 7 and up. Their monthly fees were the highest we found, plus they require contracts and usually require that you have their local telephone service installed too.

We found that all 3 of these phone companies allow you to own your toll-free number (like Tollfreenumber.ORG above) the main differance is that these brand-name phone companies have their rates set higher due to the fact that they do not specialize in toll-free service like the companies above.

Toll Free Services we DON'T recommend

As we researched over 50 companies to come up with our TOP 8 list, we ran accross a number of websites/companies that raised 'red-flag' concerns that caused them to be put on the following list. Reasons include: No answer at company phones, no callbacks, no response to email enquiries, poor customer service, complaints filed from previous customers, or conflicting stories from their company.
If you work at a company listed here
Our ultimate goal is to inform consumers about the telephone industry and point willing prospects to the best customer oriented companies. Servicing the customer is the key. At your request, we will be happy to reveal our rating scoreboard on your company to you. This will also prompt us to re-review your company in 60 and 90 days and make note of your changes or the lack of changes.

Our rating scoreboard is only available to company employees. This website reflects the aggragate data. Below is a partial list of the companies we reviewed.
Powernet Global

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